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Anne Samlik

CEO of Estravel

Evelin is a very positive, friendly, open and cheerful person. She is a great communicator. However, when it is necessary to decide or act, it is quick and specific.


You can always count on her!

anu soosaar uus.jpg

Anu Soosaar

Former CEO of Sokotel

Evelin has very innovative approach and plenty of ideas. Her quick implementation and result are just great.


She's motivated by results. Systematic monitoring of one's own and one's team members' work and analysis of results, while being a very encouraging leader type as a leader, is still quite a rare combination. This is how her work stands out.


Ester Eomõis

Entrepreneur, Coach, Lecturer

Accurate, innovative and always solution-oriented.


Long-term work as a marketing director of an international corporation is definitely a valuable experience in marketing and sales consulting for companies.

HC (21).jpg

Cadrin Lokotar


We had been in business for 20 years when we felt we needed a new approach!

Someone who would help to unroll our "good ideas", which were clear to themselves, but not so much to bystanders.

 Unlike other consultants we had previous contact with, Evelin actually helped to get things done right away! Even the new branding  "photoshoot" she help to organize for us was finished to the last detail!

And of course this smiling positive attitude! It just inspires and infects!

I highly recommend!

Samuel Sorainen.jpg

Samuel Soraine

Founder of Wolfcom PR and Creative

Evelin is not only a creative, courageous and visionary, but also a very fun partner with whom it is nice to work and seek results from it.


We worked as a team for Viru and Estoria hotels for a couple of years, implementing several non-traditional marketing communications projects.


I was particularly surprised by Evelin’s courage and ability to throw himself: when he gets excited, the walls don’t even set boundaries for the hotel.

Marileea+Järnefelt_kuva (1).jpg

Marileea Järnefelt
Marketing Manager
of SOK  

Evelin is an exceptional combination of creativity and executive ability. Great and often very innovative ideas come true in a great way.

Evelin has the ability to see deeper, and therefore also the ability to find solutions that create a unique competitive advantage.

I worked with Evelin for several years in hotel and restaurant development projects, where the task was to build brand identities and develop product and service solutions that make identities a reality and create new kinds of experiences for customers. The excellent execution of the projects was significant impact on the achievement of business objectives.


Kertti Viru

Estonian Hairdressers Association

If you get so many new tricks, solutions to questions, a lot of motivation from one training and you find yourself in a bookstore with a long list of recommendations, then the day has not only gone well but has been completely successful.


Thank You Evelin!


Wille Wilenius

Founder and Owner

Bulevardin Viestintä

For years, Evelin has been a leader in everything related to branding. Her passion for the subject and his skills are of such a class that it comes to mind whether he was born in the right country?


I've done a dozen years of large and small projects with Evelin and this continues year after year. She is the most important bridge builder and network guru in the Baltics, both in the field of tourism and brand expertise. Knows everything and is available 24/7.


Maarit Sahlsten-Juntunen

Marketing Manager

Onninen OY

Working with Evelin is wonderfully easy. Even the smallest details of a big event have been thought through to the end.


Surprising things and situations sunny Evelin solves with a smile.


Gerdi Anupõld MyHome 1mb.jpg

Gerdi Arst

Founder of MyHome

Real Estate Agents

When Evelin does something, she is fully committed to it. Her extraordinary productivity, courage and enthusiasm infect everyone who comes in contact with her.


She is not thinking outside the box, but as if there were no box in the first place. And she's really successfully implementing this philosophy into her marketing work.


With her creative ideas, she can take every product or service to new heights. But in addition to marketing, Evelin's great strength is sales and growing it.

If you hire Evelin to train your sales team, as I did, you can be sure that even the salesperson with the most modest results will exceed his or her sales results many times over.


The sky is not the limit for Evelin!


Timo Porval

Founder of

Digital Agency Lavii

There are many things you can do yourself. Craft web pages, cut hair or build a house. Definitely exciting, but it must be admitted that the top ten will not achieve the top result.


The same is true of branding. Thanks to Evelin, I have understood the role of branding in a company's multi-part success formula. And it all goes much much deeper than the logo font and color gamut.


Like me, many others have trusted and involved Evelin in creating their (personal) brand. And the reason is simple. When I am taking my first steps in this area, Evelin has already completed her 10,000 steps (hours).


I recommend meeting and talking to her at least once!


Küllike Metsik

Communication Manager of Sokos Hotels

Evelin is arguably the most energetic and inspiring person I know!


She sees every problem as a challenge and every crisis as not as an opportunity for development.


She also has a special ability to ignite people with its positive energy.


Evelin has an extremely wide horizon and very detailed knowledge of the areas in which she operates. She always has a huge number of interesting examples and facts to illustrate her thoughts, so the trainings he conducts are always compelling and easy to follow.

Evelin was born to inspire people!

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